New England fun!

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New England fun!

And since I just blogged about my Connecticut wedding, I figured I might as well continue the trend and blog my other miscellaneous photos from the trip. Not that they’re anything too special, but I had fun taking them. 🙂 I flew up for Susan and Pat’s wedding two days early so I had a little time to explore. I’ve spent zero time in Connecticut, ever, so I wanted to see a little bit of the area. I had a great time hanging with myself and driving along the coast, stopping where I wanted to stop, eating what I wanted to eat, doing what I wanted to do.

I spent one afternoon/evening in Mystic, which is a pretty cool little town, and of course home to the famous Mystic Pizza. (Which I did NOT eat at, by the way. The reviews were terrible.)

Then I drove along the coast through Stonington and over into Rhode Island, which I found to be pretty much identical to Connecticut. Haha. Here are some photos from Watch Hill Cove, which was a beautiful spot to stop and walk around.

And finally, these are not very exciting, but taken outside my hotel in North Haven.

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