Ellyette – Orlando FL Newborn and Family Photography

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Ellyette – Orlando FL Newborn and Family Photography

Last week I had the privilege of meeting my niece for the very first time! My brother and his wife live in Orlando with the newest addition to the family, baby Ellyette. I’m used to photographing families and babies, but it’s kinda different when it’s your own family! At one month old, she is of course the cutest and most special child alive (sorry, I get to say that as a first-time aunt.) I loved laughing at her many expressions and puzzling over who she looks most like. Can’t wait to see her grow and change (and maybe one day recognize me!) and I look forward to documenting it along the way!

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  1. Brea says:

    Awwww I love so much that you got to do these for them! She’s so precious! Congratulations auntie!!

  2. Kim Marinelli says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I recognize that twinkle in her eye. So happy for you both. How blessed to have such a talented Aunt!

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