Working With Me

Hi, I'm Emily! Getting married can be super stressful (on top of really exciting.) I’m here to help make the process easy and fun! If you just want cool photos and a painless experience, I’m the wedding photographer for you. You may have to listen to my dumb jokes or follow my unusual directions, but I promise I won’t be that cheesy photographer we all love to hate.

I’m based in Washington D.C., but I do include the whole DMV area in my travel radius. And I love to travel, so don’t hesitate to ask me about photographing your out-of-state (or out-of-country!) wedding. Destination weddings and elopements are some of my favorites.

What I Value

My goal in photography has always been simple: to make you see the extraordinary or to make you see the ordinary in an extraordinary way. I’m most excited about shooting when I find a sweet reflection or pocket of light, and when I nail that story-telling moment. I want you to have photos like nobody else’s - unique to you and your day. At the end of this experience, I hope you’re left with not only a great piece of artwork to hang on your wall, but also memories of how much fun you had as part of the creation process.

A Little More About Me

If there’s one takeaway from all of this, it’s that I love what I do! I consider myself lucky every single day that this is my real life. Aside from taking pretty pictures, I like to spend my free time pretending I’m Martha Stewart in the kitchen (without the jail time), checking more countries off my bucket list, borrowing library books, and indulging my nerdy side with hobbies like geocaching and cheese-making. Oh yeah, and I’m on an eternal quest to keep my succulents alive. (Any tips/tricks appreciated.) Maybe we have something in common! Or maybe you think I’m a little weird. I’m an INTP so you’re probably right. It’s okay, I’ll still take your photos. Send me a note!

A Few Of My Favorite Things
  • Baking

    If I didn't already own a photography business, I would start a cookie delivery service.
  • Bravo

    My guilty-pleasure network of choice. I'm also watching The Bachelor and yes, this makes me question a lot of things.
  • Flannel

    Can we just approve it for the summer already?
  • Scrabble

    I played "quixotic" once and it might have been the highlight of my life.
  • My Passport

    Aiming to hit 50 countries before I'm 50. Fourteen left to go and 15 years to do it! I got this.