Montine & Joey – Alexandria Maternity Photography

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Montine & Joey – Alexandria Maternity Photography

So great to see these guys’ faces again! You might remember their beautiful wedding from last year on my blog. I was really happy when Montine contacted me for some maternity photos. Our session actually turned into quite the adventure… getting kicked out of our location for it being after-hours, and then chasing groundhogs at location #2, finding random unknown animal carcasses, and finally avoiding pockets of poison oak. (I now know what that looks like, thanks Montine!) A memorable evening, and a fun one. I liked Montine’s idea to have Joey make the outline of a heart with his hands in paint on her white shirt. Of course it didn’t come out quite as we had envisioned, but nothing a little touch-up paint couldn’t fix! Looked pretty awesome by the end! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet the little one when she arrives in August!

ECP_6972 ECP_6988 ECP_7004 ECP_7011 ECP_7055 ECP_7067 ECP_7081 ECP_7091 ECP_7100 ECP_7122 ECP_7131 ECP_7165 ECP_7192 ECP_7224 ECP_7226 ECP_7246


  1. Brea says:

    This is awesome! I also loved looking at their wedding first too 🙂 Great stuff!

  2. Dani says:

    Awwwww!! I love the paint idea!! That is so fun!!

  3. Lauren C says:

    The colors in these are so pretty! That first photo is so dreamy 🙂

  4. Anna arpasi says:

    Love that first photo!! So perfect!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love these… so cute!

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