Montine & Joey – Barns at Wolf Trap Wedding Photography

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Montine & Joey – Barns at Wolf Trap Wedding Photography

My favorite thing about this wedding (aside from Montine and Joey themselves, of course) was the awesome meaning that everything had. The whole wedding was this beautiful blend of old tradition and new memories. For example, Montine’s great grandfather’s violin was played during the processional and an excerpt from one of his sermons was read at the end of the ceremony. With the help of my awesome second photographer Carly Fuller, we photographed his wife’s ring along with Montine and Joey’s. Finally, the wings that were pinned on the bottom of the wedding dress and the inside of the groom’s suit were to honor Montine’s maternal grandfather who died in the Air Force at a young age. As if all that wasn’t enough, Montine was so sweet and gave her mother, father, and new mother-in-law each a special gift to remember the day. Consequently, I saw more tears at this wedding than probably any other! Might have been choking back a few myself… haha.

Cake: Edibles Incredible
Catering: Main Event Caterers
Coordinator: Meg Sever
DJ: John
Flowers: Karin’s Florist
Photography: Emily Chastain Photography
Officiant: Candee Martin
Venue: The Barns at Wolf Trap
Violinist: Steve Ni


  1. Dani says:

    Montine has the most gorgeous smile!!! Love all of this gorgeous light you got going on in these portraits!!

  2. oh the spaces are so gorgeous!!

  3. What a beautiful setting. It looks like a gorgeous wedding. The dip photo is so perfect too!

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