Lily & Tony – Trummer’s On Main Wedding Photography

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Lily & Tony – Trummer’s On Main Wedding Photography

I’ve been looking forward to Lily and Tony‘s wedding for a long time! Lily heard about me from Anne, one of my previous bride’s sisters. And it turns out Anne and Lily work with my friend Laura, who I went to college in Texas with and whose wedding I also photographed a couple years ago! Small world. 🙂 So it was fun to shoot a wedding where I knew some of the guests! But back to Lily and Tony… what I admire most about them is their go-with-the-flow attitude and easy laughs. They were nice enough to trust me when I said I wanted to do photos in the parking lot and also the cute little antique shop across the street. I knew after their engagement photos that this wedding was going to be a super fun time, and sure enough, I got so many great expressions and smiles.

Cake: Shawna of Sweet Creations
DJ: DJ Scheme of Scratch Weddings
Flowers: Dawn of Everlasting Flowers
Hair & Makeup: family friend
Harpist: Celine and Paul – subbed in for Anastasia Pike
Photographer: Emily Chastain Photography
Venue: Trummer’s on Main
Wedding Planner: Pure Whimsy Events

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  1. Natalie says:

    Such a gorgeous wedding! I love how you captured such a beautiful mix of portraits and genuine moments… Amazing work as always!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! She is such a stunning bride!

  3. Anna arpasi says:

    Beautiful! They look so very happy 🙂 what a cool venue, love the fans! Great work!

  4. Caitlin says:

    beautiful photos + couple! you captured this wedding perfectly!

  5. Dani says:

    Looks like a super fun party!! Love all the portraits! It is the best thing in the world when the bride trusts you – even when you say we are doing photos in the parking lot.

  6. Brea says:

    I am obsessed with her dress! What a gorgeous wedding. Beautiful portraits as always 🙂

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