Lily & Tony – DC Sunrise Engagement Photography

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Lily & Tony – DC Sunrise Engagement Photography

Well, I did it again! Another sunrise engagement session. 🙂 And like last time, I loved it for the empty streets and the beautiful light. And Lily and Tony too, of course. They are so sweet and picked me up at the Metro downtown so I didn’t have to walk a mile. (Side note: the biggest difference between taking the last train at night and the first train in the morning is the smell. Everyone smells way better.) AND they brought me breakfast. Seriously, I have the most awesome clients ever.

Lily told me she was a little concerned about bringing their chihuahua Rico because he could be a little bit of a “diva” but I told her not to worry, I am a bit of a dog whisperer. (Okay, not really at all, but dogs do usually seem to like me.) Well Rico only barked at me once or twice then spent the rest of the time barking at everyone else so it worked out pretty well. He even let me hold his leash for a while, which I considered a win. 🙂 Anyway, this session was a blast and now I have big things to look forward to Lily and Tony’s wedding next year!

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  1. What a gorgeous shoot! Love love love it!

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