Sara Kate & Tanner – Belmont Manor Elkridge Maryland Wedding Photography

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Sara Kate & Tanner – Belmont Manor Elkridge Maryland Wedding Photography

This. Wedding. Was. Awesome. To the point that I would run out of adjectives if I tried to describe it, so instead of my usual paragraph blurb, I think I’ll just let the photos tell the story and interject when needed. 🙂

Caterer: Rouge Fine Catering
DJ: Steve Moody’s Entertainment
Event Design, Styling & Coordination: Elizabeth / East Made Event Company
Flowers: Floral & Bloom Designs
Furniture & Decor: White Glove Rentals
Photographer: Emily Chastain Photography
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek Photography
String Quartet: Chesapeake Strings

2016-11-15_0042 2016-11-15_0002 2016-11-15_0001 2016-11-15_0003 2016-11-15_0004 2016-11-15_0005 2016-11-15_0006 2016-11-15_0007 2016-11-15_0008 2016-11-15_0009 2016-11-15_0010 2016-11-15_0011
Sara Kate gifted Tanner a new pair of shades AND they had sunglasses as a favor at the reception, so obviously we had to do a few with them on. 
2016-11-15_0014 2016-11-15_0013 2016-11-15_0015 2016-11-15_0016 2016-11-15_0017 2016-11-15_0018 2016-11-15_0019

Let loose the dogs! Haha. All three of Sara Kate and Tanner’s dogs made an appearance for photos. They could not have been more excited.
2016-11-15_0020 2016-11-15_0021

Okay, I swear I didn’t doctor the color in this next photo. It really popped this much! It was nutty watching the sky go from cloudy to this crazy shade of blue as the storm clouds rolled in. 2016-11-15_0022

This next face is the “Holy crap we’re about to get married and also I might blow away” face.


This was when the wind really picked up and I knew I had about 30 seconds before it started POURING. Sure enough, I was right. 🙂 2016-11-15_00242016-11-15_0025

So Sara Kate bought grills (or should I say grillz?) for herself and  her family members to wear in a family photo that Tanner could be surprised by later. We devised a plan for everyone secretly slipping them in and actually pulled it off until the last shot when Tanner looked over at Sara Kate and she couldn’t help but smile. This is Tanner realizing that everyone but him is wearing one. 2016-11-15_0028 2016-11-15_00292016-11-15_0030 2016-11-15_0031 2016-11-15_0032

Because of the storm blowing through, someone came up with the brilliant plan to flip the cocktail hour and the ceremony in hopes that pushing the ceremony time back would allow for it to still be outside. And that worked! Sara Kate got the outdoor ceremony she had her heart set on.

2016-11-15_00332016-11-15_0034 2016-11-15_0035 2016-11-15_0036 2016-11-15_0037 2016-11-15_0038 2016-11-15_0039 2016-11-15_0040 2016-11-15_0041 2016-11-15_0043 2016-11-15_0044 2016-11-15_0045 2016-11-15_0046 2016-11-15_0047 2016-11-15_0048 2016-11-15_0050 2016-11-15_0051 2016-11-15_0052 2016-11-15_0053 2016-11-15_0054 2016-11-15_0055 2016-11-15_0056 2016-11-15_0057 2016-11-15_00582016-11-15_0001


  1. Brea says:

    I love your processing in general, but on this wedding especially. Everything is perfect. The coverage, the tones, the colors. You nailed it completely.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this wedding! These two were so much fun and I love that last image with the glow sticks!

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