Sara & Dave – Mount Vernon Inn Wedding Photography

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Sara & Dave – Mount Vernon Inn Wedding Photography

Sara and Dave lived three doors down from each other in the dorm their freshman year of college (yep, back in the era of AIM, which does play a part in their how-we-met story.) And even after being together ten years, they still wanted to get married! Which is awesome news, in my opinion, but it’s easy to see why. They clearly enjoy each other’s company and are great friends – definitely a recipe for a happy future together.

Hair: Nicole Cantu
Officiant: Weddings by Jeff
Photo Booth: Poshbooth 
Photographer: Emily Chastain Photography
Second Photographer: Theresa Choi Photography
Venue & Catering: Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant
Videographer: Mari Harsan Studios
Wedding Planner / Day-of Coordinator: Jessica / JEM Events 

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  1. Wow love her eyes!! Such pretty details

  2. Leta says:

    beautiful wedding. love the location and amazing reception fun. great photos.

  3. Lauren C says:

    You’re awesome. This wedding is awesome. And AIM was super awesome!!

  4. I am LOVING those portraits, Emily!! So pretty!!

  5. Rachel smith says:

    I’m super excited AIM is mentioned in your post..o the memories : ) Love how you captured their first look and I love the bride’s updo!

  6. Alicia Wiley says:

    Her bouquet is GORGEOUS! Beautiful job at capturing their day!

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Your daughter looked lovely, Dave is a handsome young man, and your son and Veronica are a vey handsome couple. How proud you must be of them all!!!

  8. Gordon Ross says:

    Hi Sara, Congratulations from Scotland, looks like you had a great day. Very happy memories of your trips to Scotland and Ireland. Kind regards to all the family.Gordon and Heather xxx

  9. Ro Perronie says:

    Well done beautiful Sara and Dave!
    Lovely and charming!
    All the best.
    Love ro

  10. Jeanne Belaire says:

    Patricia, these pictures are gorgeous. Your daughter and is beautiful! Your new son-n-law is handsome! Ahhhhhh
    Weddings bring up so many memories. They are a bittersweet milestone in our lives.
    Best wishes to the new bride and groom.

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