Mindy & Mike – Kent Manor Inn Wedding Photography

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Mindy & Mike – Kent Manor Inn Wedding Photography

I got to sit at the dinner table! And eat all four courses! With a real place card and everything! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t lead with that because this wedding was really awesome in so many other ways too, but it was a rare and much appreciated opportunity for me. Not to mention, Kent Manor always has delicious food and my mind was blown by the “reconstructed root beer float” we had for dessert (um, homemade Poprocks?!). Mike and Mindy also handed out “Oscars” to all of us at dinner (I won Best Picture, yesss) and as I said in my thank you speech, I think these guys are the real deal. They both know what goes into marriage and what it takes to make it work, and they are both selfless and giving enough to put forth the crazy amount of effort it needs. I know Mike pretends to be all tough on the outside, but I’m pretty sure I caught a few tears welling up here and there and it is easy to see how much he loves and cares about Mindy. This whole day was perfection – big thanks to Mike and Mindy for making me a part of it!

Flowers: Maher’s Florist
Hair: Megan Carl
Makeup: Gina Patterson
Photographer: Emily Chastain Photography
Venue & Catering: Historic Kent Manor Inn2015-04-30_0032

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Yep, this is everyone! Small weddings are just like one big happy family. 🙂
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  1. Renee says:

    Looks like such a fun and amazing wedding day! Those masks are hilarious!

  2. Libby Beaver says:

    Absolutely Beautiful photos

  3. When Mike & Mindy are together their love for each other spills over & affects everyone around them. You captured that in these beautiful pictures, Emily. Thank you . We will cherish them always.
    Grandma Parnow
    Theresa & Scott

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