Mindy & Mike – Baltimore Engagement Photography

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Mindy & Mike – Baltimore Engagement Photography

Mike and Mindy are givers. They are both so selfless and encouraging towards one another, and I could quickly feel the genuineness of their love. (Also, they may have been models in a previous life, because they were ridiculously comfortable in front of the camera.) It sprinkled pretty much the entire time I shot these photos, but neither of them complained once, and luckily the rain was just enough to be annoying but not unmanageable. In fact, I love how the gray day really makes them pop! We used the grounds of the Baltimore Museum of Industry and found the gate open to the dock, so we were able to get right down on the water with the harbor as a backdrop. To continue the Baltimore theme, Mike and Mindy treated me to crabs (and shrimp and calamari and my first Boh Tini) at L.P. Steamers, where we had a great time laughing about crab guts and Mike eating exoskeletons. Thanks again, guys!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Best rig shot, ever! It doesn’t get more Baltimore than that!

  2. Brea says:

    I adore this session and all of the awesome spots you found! And I agree with Jen, amazing ring shot 🙂

  3. Mindy says:

    We are so in love with how well these turned out. Since LP steamers is where Mike and I officially met, you really captured everthing so special about it.:)

  4. tPoz says:

    LP Steamers is my fave crab spot! You did an amazing job capturing their personalities! Love the smooshie faces! I hope you got to enjoy a crabby crab too! 😉

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