Meredith & Anthony – Georgetown Engagement Photography

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Meredith & Anthony – Georgetown Engagement Photography

This shoot was extra fun because not only was it the fourth of July, it was Meredith’s birthday! We started in the morning in Georgetown, and got about halfway through the session before it started raining on us and then never stopped. Fine by me, because I had Meredith’s mom holding an umbrella over my head (which was awesome) and at this point I am pretty good at finding overhanging awnings and covered areas. We embraced the rain and I loved Meredith and Anthony’s willingness to just go for it and get completely soaked standing in the fountain at the end. These guys could not have been more pleasant or fun to work with, and I’m betting a rainy day engagement session makes for clear skies on their wedding day!

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  1. Rachel smith says:

    Happy B-day to Meredith! Doesn’t look like the rain dampened their spirits the least bit. Love the canal photos and umbrella shot!

  2. Marti Mayne says:

    These really capture the personality and the wonderful relationships of you two. I just love every single one of these photos!

  3. Renee says:

    I love Georgetown during the summer! Such a beautiful engagement session!

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