Meg & Doug – Rosemont Manor Wedding

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Meg & Doug – Rosemont Manor Wedding

I think the tone of the day was set from the beginning, when I arrived just in time to capture Doug digging up a bottle of bourbon from the garden. I’ve seen a lot of weddings, but this was one tradition I was unfamiliar with. According to Southern folklore, if you bury a bottle of bourbon before your wedding, it will ward off rain on your wedding day. Or something like that? I think in Meg and Doug’s case, it was more of an excuse to drink bourbon. Either way, it was fun to photograph, and it must have worked, because the weather was great!

Also, don’t let anyone tell you one maid of honor and a best man isn’t a big enough or fun enough wedding party. Because this group certainly brought it. They did the work of five bridesmaids and five groomsmen combined, and make me laugh plenty in the process. I loved this crowd and seeing so many of my former couples throughout the day! Less welcome was the surprise visitor to the reception (a giant snake) but that certainly helped make things extra memorable!

Historic Rosemont Manor was a gorgeous and gracious venue, as always, and nothing beats working with my favorite Bobby Dawson.



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  1. Brea says:

    What an awesome couple! I love how much their personalities come out through the entire day. Wonderfully done!!

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