MD Renn Fest Wedding Photography – Heather & Chris

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MD Renn Fest Wedding Photography – Heather & Chris

Bride and groom share an intimate moment at their MD Renn Fest wedding.

Ever since I first attended, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to shoot a MD Renn Fest wedding. The annual Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, Maryland, is one of the best in the country, and the revelry is unmatched!

When Heather and Chris reached out to inquire about their Renn Fest wedding, I was pumped. But after our meeting (which turned into a two-hour hang-out), I was elated! It could not have been a better fit, and the wedding day itself did not disappoint. The ceremony at the chapel incorporated plenty of customary elements, including hand fasting, herbs in the bridal bouquet, and a musician to play the lute. What a happy and meaningful occasion! After a cheesecake toast, I followed the bride and groom around as they visited a few important vendors, threw battle axes, and joined their guests for a final cheers.

I’m proud to say I finally invested in an outfit of my own to wear in the future. Just in case I photograph another MD Renn Fest wedding… 🙂


Bride and groom share an intimate moment at their MD Renn Fest wedding. Groom dressed in traditional Renaissance outfit for his MD Renn Fest wedding. Father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle at a renn faire wedding. Bride and groom perform hand-fasting during their MD Renn Fest ceremony. Bride and groom pour wine into a glass at a renaissance festival wedding. Newly married couple kisses at the alter of an outdoor chapel at their MD Renaissance wedding. Just married celebration at the renn fest. Bride and groom and friends gather in costume for a photo at a MD Renaissance wedding. Bride and groom walk through Revel Grove after their wedding at the MD Renn Fest. Bride dances a renaissance faire. Bride kisses groom on the cheek in full renn faire wedding attire. Bride and groom prepare to throw battle axes at their MD Renn Fest wedding. Huzzah! Bride and groom cheers with their guests after their MD Renn Fest wedding.

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