Lisa & Dan – Sandals Negril Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography

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Lisa & Dan – Sandals Negril Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography

I’ve been off the blogging scene for a little while now, because, life. And I have a few other incredible weddings I will definitely get around to posting because they are too good not to share. But in the meantime, take this warm and sunny Jamaica wedding to brighten up your winter day!

Lisa and Dan invited me out to be their destination wedding photographer after seeing the work I did at Lisa’s brother’s wedding in St. Lucia a few years ago. (Love this family – they totally have the right idea with the destination weddings.) It was so much fun to enjoy a few days in the sun, see everyone again, and make some new friends. The sand was clean, the water was clear, and the weather was awesome. (I’ll spare you my diatribe about the Jamaican mosquitoes.) Thanks for having me out, guys!

2017-01-11_0057 2017-01-11_0007 2017-01-11_0008 2017-01-11_0009 2017-01-11_0011 2017-01-11_0010 2017-01-11_0012 2017-01-11_0013 2017-01-11_0014 2017-01-11_0015 2017-01-11_0016 2017-01-11_0017 2017-01-11_0018 2017-01-11_0019 2017-01-11_0020 2017-01-11_0021 2017-01-11_0022 2017-01-11_0023 2017-01-11_0024 2017-01-11_0025 2017-01-11_0026 2017-01-11_0027

Lisa’s walk down the aisle was almost interrupted by Henry, the resident peacock. 2017-01-11_0036 2017-01-11_0028 2017-01-11_0029 2017-01-11_0031 2017-01-11_0030 2017-01-11_0032 2017-01-11_0033 2017-01-11_0034 2017-01-11_0037 2017-01-11_0035 2017-01-11_0038 2017-01-11_0039 2017-01-11_0040 2017-01-11_0041 2017-01-11_0042 2017-01-11_0045 2017-01-11_0046 2017-01-11_0047 2017-01-11_0043 2017-01-11_0048 2017-01-11_0049 2017-01-11_0050 2017-01-11_0051 2017-01-11_0052 2017-01-11_00532017-01-11_00552017-01-11_00542017-01-11_0056

I also wanted to include just a few portraits from rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding, because I thought these were so pretty too!

2017-01-11_0001 2017-01-11_0002 2017-01-11_0003 2017-01-11_0004 2017-01-11_0006 2017-01-11_0005


  1. Anna Arpasi says:

    Oh my goodness, please take me there now! The colors are amazing, it looks like so fun. My favorite set are the portraits before the reception, they are perfect!

  2. Ashton says:

    I want to go to there! Pretty!

  3. Brea says:

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I have been dying to see these since I got your Jamaica snapchats! Still jealous you were there when the cold front moved in. You got the better time to be away 😛

    These are all amazing BUT THAT SUNSET SILHOUETTE OMG. Obsessed. I wish I had taken it. Killin’ it, Emily!

  4. Such a stunning wedding, Emily! You really captured the beauty of this couple and their special day. May we share and credit you on our pages?

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