Lily & Craig – Baltimore Engagement Photography

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Lily & Craig – Baltimore Engagement Photography

Lily and Craig picked the coldest and windiest day of the year for their engagement shoot. But it’s when conditions are terrible but smiles abound anyway that I know they are a good match! I loved their positive attitudes and welcoming spirits. I really felt like I’ve known them for a long time. Plus Criag and Lily are hilarious… for example, Lily invented a hashtag for our time together – #crailmily. So catchy, right? It will probably be trending soon. 😉 2017-02-19_0011

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  1. Katie says:

    These are so awesome!! you can’t even tell how cold it was!!!

  2. Brandie McElroy says:

    Beautiful pics! Congratulations Lily!! Love ya Brandie!

  3. tPoz says:

    oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! I love the bright bold colors of graffiti alley – i’ve been dying to shoot there! And they look so cozy at the conservatory! smashing work love!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Oh my goodness! Even if I didn’t know (and love) these two, I can feel the love they have for each other through these touching photos. Beautifully done, everyone!

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