Kennedy Family – Font Hill Wetland Park

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Kennedy Family – Font Hill Wetland Park

If you think this post is just a bunch of pretty family photos, you’re wrong. Because it also includes an ATTACK GOOSE.

It was kind of a scary moment while we were in it, but absolutely hilarious now looking back. During a diaper change on the pier (because parents gotta do what they gotta do) a goose jumped out of the water and moved toward us like it was our day of reckoning. If you don’t think this is scary, check out the crazy eyes. I think Jeff was torn between chasing off the goose or finishing the diaper change. I was torn between documenting the moment or running for my life. I’m not sure what Laura was doing behind me, but I think she was torn between protecting her born child or her unborn one. Sloane was the only one completely unfazed. Anyway, it was like an action movie because Jeff stood up in slow motion and got all intimidating on the goose, and it finally backed away. So that was my exciting Sunday morning. (Can you tell I live in a city when encounters with wildlife are this thrilling?)

Other than housing aggressive geese, I’d say Font Hill Wetland Park was a beautiful place! I only got one mosquito bite, which is how I judge things these days. (Note to other photogs: definitely worth a visit if you need a super quiet and peaceful alternative to the chaos at Centennial Park.)

Sidebar on this next photo… I will often tell families to do weird things just to see what happens. Sometimes we try things that work and look cute, and sometimes they don’t work at all. I thought Sloane might like it if her dad swung her around, but looking at the final product it just looks like he is going to throw her in the lake. Which makes for a funny photo anyway.


  1. Jennifer says:

    So I’ve been running in Baltimore city for roughly two decades. I’ve gotten up at 4 am to run… alone… for 10-13 miles, throughout the streets of Baltimore. And the only time I was scared for my life?.. the time a gaggle of geese came running after me! I’m glad you are all okay- those geese are no joke!

    And yet, with all of that craziness, you captured a wonderful session! They look like such a fun and happy family!

  2. Emily says:

    These photos are so cute! Haha and I love the goose 🙂

  3. Renee Hollingshead says:

    That magenta is so vibrant on her against all that green! Gorgeous family session and beautiful tones. Really love how they pop!

  4. Brea says:

    HOLY SHIT. I’m so glad you photographed the goose thing because that’s terrifying and the photos are pretty fantastic. lol This session is amazing! The colors are beautiful, you did a fantastic job capturing them, but the goose diaper change photos are just golden.

  5. Teri says:

    omgggggg. that level of crazy in the goose eyes!!!!
    But these pics are so gorgeous & vibrant & authentic!! Even if dad is going to throw her in the lake!! My faves (besides crazy AF goose) are the ones of Sloane looking over her shoulder, and her running to mama! Looking great Laura!

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