Katie & Rich – Larriland Farm Engagement Photography

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Katie & Rich – Larriland Farm Engagement Photography

Katie and I had a meeting on Thursday, she booked me on Friday, and then we did this engagement shoot on Sunday! Very efficient. 🙂 I really like Katie and Rich together. They are lots of fun, great smilers, and of course gorgeous! Since they like to go apple and pumpkin picking every year, we decided on Larriland Farm for the location and it was definitely the perfect place!

2014-09-22_0068 2014-09-22_0054 2014-09-22_0056 2014-09-22_0055 2014-09-22_0073 2014-09-22_00572014-09-23_00012014-09-22_00582014-09-22_00592014-09-22_00602014-09-22_0061

Hahaha I laughed so hard when Rich spontaneously did this:2014-09-22_0062 2014-09-22_0063 2014-09-22_0065 2014-09-22_0064 2014-09-22_0066 2014-09-22_0067 2014-09-22_0069 2014-09-22_0070 2014-09-22_0071 2014-09-22_0072


  1. Brea says:

    Talk about efficiency! That’s awesome!! I LOVE that silhouette with the bright green grass and blue sky. Magic!

  2. Dani says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Love every single one!! But I especially like the second one by the hay – so gorgeous – you always rock that angle!

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