Jeb & Mark – Washington, DC Engagement Photography

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Jeb & Mark – Washington, DC Engagement Photography

When Jeb and Mark emailed me with ideas for their engagement shoot (complete with a push-pinned Google map link) I couldn’t be more excited! Their list was so… them. From the crossword puzzles in bed to the drinks at Nellie’s Sports Bar, I quickly got a good read on who they are as a couple and a sneak peek into their lives. The highlight for me was finally getting to go to the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl, as I’ve tried literally three different times to get a chili dog and every time I ran out of patience because the line has been so long. Well this time we walked right up to the counter and three minutes later out the door with our chili dogs (Jeb and Mark were kind enough to buy me one to go). Ummm, delicious. And talking about chili dogs at 11:30 in the morning is making me hunnnngry.

I might have gotten a little off-track there, but seriously, this engagement shoot was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what Jeb and Mark have planned for their wedding in October!


  1. This is awesome! 🙂 I LOVE that they had the day planned out. How cool is crossword puzzles in bed?! I love couples that want their engagement shoot to represent their normal lives. So cute!

  2. Dani says:

    I love love love these!! I love the locations, I love their cute smiles, and I love them!! Crosswords, Ben’s Chili Bowl (tell me you ate too, Emily?), that second to last picture I just adore. Awesome work!

  3. LOVE THESE! I absolutely adore the colors of the one in front of the mural.

  4. love the black and white of the crossword puzzle!!

  5. tPoz says:

    GAHHH! The crosswords and the mural ones… Amazeballs!!

  6. Brea says:

    I love all of these! The crosswords are my favorite and the one outside of their house is just beautiful!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, these are fantastic! You have so captured the love.

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