Erika & Corey – Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Engagement Photography

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Erika & Corey – Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Engagement Photography

Guys, I’m really started to dig these snow shoots! I know I keep saying I hate the cold and the winter (and it’s true) but there is something a little bit magical about people in love in the snow. Monday was the first day in awhile where the temps were warmer and the sun was out, so we jumped on it. Erika and Corey wanted something nature-y, so I suggested Scott’s Run Nature Preserve since it was halfway in between us, and it could not have been more perfect! It was my first time to visit, but so awesome! I’m totally coming back in another season when you can actually walk the trails without slipping on ice and snow. Anyway, these guys (and their snow-loving dog Tessie) were so nice and easy to photograph that I pretty much forgot all about the cold!

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  1. Anna A says:

    Um, wow! These are gorgeous! I love the light poking through the trees. You def rocked the snow pics girl!

  2. These are so beautiful! I agree, snow portraits just have this amazing glow because of all the reflections, I LOVE it. If it’s going to be cold and freezing, I want to have snow, otherwise it looks depressing.

  3. Lauren Swann says:

    Aww they look so cozy in these!! Love them, Emily!

  4. Renee says:

    I loved that they braved the cold for a super adorable session in the snow! Beautiful!

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