Devin & Matt – Old Ellicott City Engagement Photography

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Devin & Matt – Old Ellicott City Engagement Photography

I had to laugh because at our initial meeting Devin and Matt said that they didn’t want to do engagement photos in Old Ellicott City because that’s “where everyone else does them.” But after going back and forth on a few other ideas, they finally sent me an email that said, “We changed our minds, can we do Old Ellicott City after all?”  They live within walking distance and love it there, so why not do photos in a place that’s familiar yet special? I think it was perfect. We explored a few new areas and I found some spots I hadn’t used before, so I like to think we made it unique and memorable, even if that’s where “everyone” does them. 🙂 One more thing to note for the football people out there: Devin and Matt are living proof that Ravens and Steelers fans CAN get along!

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  1. Brea says:

    I love the spots you found!! This is definitely not the same old! These are just gorgeous- it’s hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Dani says:

    So many pretty spots for sure!! And I am glad they can happily coexist despite the Steelers fan. 😉 Beautiful photos as always!

  3. Pop-Popand grandma says:

    Great pictures, beautiful place. May this marriage be long and happy, with give and take in it!!
    We love ya,

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