Courtney & Abhijit – The Grand Baltimore Wedding Photography

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Courtney & Abhijit – The Grand Baltimore Wedding Photography

Holy moly, it’s 2016!!! It would be hard to sum up how incredible 2015 was, so I’m not going to even try and instead just give you more pretty pictures to look at. 🙂

Courtney and Abhijit’s wedding was classic and gorgeous and full of so many really awesome people. I got to know both families and bridal party a little better at the Sangeet the night before the wedding, and I can’t say enough good things. I already knew Courtney and Abhijit were pretty great and their wedding would be epic, but watching them celebrate with all their equally great friends and family was a real treat.

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  1. Brea says:

    This wedding is STUNNING!!! I love your flash set up for the ceremony, the reception photos are perfection and those portraits!! It looks like you had the run of the place! These are amazing, Emily!

  2. Jennifer says:

    These are so beautiful! You captured so many fantastic moments- I bet they are thrilled with these!

  3. Beverly says:

    Courtney —- your pictures are stunning… just when I think I have seen the best one, another one looks even better ….. I love the natural photos, the look of love is def. in your eyes. Wishing you years of love, laughter and happiness.

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