Classic Belvedere Wedding – Sybil & Michael

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Classic Belvedere Wedding – Sybil & Michael

Bride and groom look excited about being married in an upstairs window

Sybil and Michael’s classic Baltimore wedding was serious and silly, often at the same time. I loved how Michael’s quirky sense of humor balanced Sybil’s elegance. A roaring reception at the Belvedere followed a heartfelt ceremony at St Ignatius. Sybil warned me ahead of time that she came from a family of criers, and I was not disappointed!

Ceremony Venue: St Ignatius
Reception and Catering: The Belvedere
Band: 24K (Washington Talent)
Flowers: Floral Impressions
Photographer: Emily Chastain Photography

Flat-lay shoes and invitation wedding detailsClassic Belvedere Wedding_0002 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0003 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0004 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0005Groom receives a Rolex watch as a gift from his bride Groom sports a new Rolex Classic Belvedere Wedding_0008 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0009 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0010 groomsmen cheers with scotch before wedding ceremony bride and bridesmaid jump in pre-wedding excitement bridal portrait with lots of greenery and flowers bride has a tender moment with her parents bride and bridesmaidsBride arrives in a Rolls Royce to the church Classic Belvedere Wedding_0017 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0018 Groom has emotional reaction to bride walking down the aisle Classic Belvedere Wedding_0020 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0021 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0022 Bride and groom first kiss at the alter Classic Belvedere Wedding_0024 Recessional dip at church Classic Belvedere Wedding_0026 Bride and groom smile in a vintage Rolls Royce Classic Belvedere Wedding_0027Bagpiper leads wedding guests from church to reception Classic Belvedere Wedding_0030 Bride and groom walk with wedding party through Baltimore's Mount Vernon Classic Belvedere Wedding_0032 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0034 Groom kisses bride's cheek by vintage Rolls RoyceColorful floral decor in the Belvedere Classic Belvedere Wedding_0037 Bride and groom enter reception to crowd clapping Groom dips brides during first dance Classic Belvedere Wedding_0040 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0041 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0043 Bride and groom look excited about being married in an upstairs window Classic Belvedere Wedding_0046Classic Belvedere Wedding_0048 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0047 Bride and groom cut their wedding cake with silly expressions Classic Belvedere Wedding_0050 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0051 Bride and group of girlfriends drop a glass on the dance floor Classic Belvedere Wedding_0053 Classic Belvedere Wedding_0054 Groom dips bride in her second outfit at the end of the night

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