Brooks – Arlington Newborn Photography

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Brooks – Arlington Newborn Photography

Brooks did so well for his first photo shoot! This little guy was the cutest with his full head of hair, and I’m sure his Blue Steel pose will be breaking hearts soon enough. 🙂2015-09-18_0003

2015-09-18_0001 2015-09-18_00062015-09-18_00042015-09-18_00072015-09-18_00082015-09-18_00092015-09-18_00112015-09-18_00102015-09-18_00132015-09-18_00122015-09-18_00152015-09-18_0014


  1. Jennifer says:

    The hair is killing me! He is too stinking cute!

  2. Brea says:

    These are so super precious!! I love this family!

  3. ashton says:

    gorgeous little family!! that hair, too!!!!

  4. What a cutie! Love this session!

  5. Renee says:

    So, so, so cute!

  6. Lauren Swann says:

    That hair!! I love that you photographed these images in their home!!

  7. Alicia Wiley says:

    Beautiful family! He is so cute!

  8. Dani says:

    Ha!! Blue steel! I love it!!

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