Best of 2013: Wedding Photography

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Best of 2013: Wedding Photography

How is it already January? Seriously, when did that happen?

Guess what, I have a TON of awesome photos to show you from 2013!! And because I shot 40+ weddings and did such a terrible job of blogging, so many of these will be new to you!

So here they are, my favorite 1-3 shots from every wedding in the order that they happened.


  1. Dani Leigh says:

    These are all so beautiful!! Great shots from so many awesome weddings!!!

  2. Emilia Jane says:

    So many sweet moments!! What an amazing year.

  3. Angela says:

    What a great year, those dancing shots are priceless! I also love the heart in the sand, it looks like a fairytale.

  4. Brea says:

    You had an amazing year!! These are all SO STUNNING. I need to learn how you do it!

  5. tPoz says:

    what an amazingly beautiful year you had!! so many FANTASTIC moments captured!!

  6. There are just soooo many I absolutely LoVe!! Gorgeous!

  7. Marc and Ned says:

    Who married the turtle? What a cool photo!

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