Ashley & Kevin – Washington DC Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photography

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Ashley & Kevin – Washington DC Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photography

Ah, cherry blossom season! I welcome an early spring, but wow, cherry blossoms peaking three weeks into March seems a little crazy! I met Ashley and Kevin downtown on the mall for a beautiful sunrise, then we braved the (always intense) crowds around the tidal basin. Every year gets more insane than the last. I was so impressed with Ashley and Kevin though… they didn’t let the massive number of people bother them, and still somehow managed to be comfortable and in love despite the distractions. And it was totally worth it! Because look how pretty these photos are!

2016-04-03_0001 2016-04-03_0002 2016-04-03_0003 2016-04-03_0004 2016-04-03_0005 2016-04-03_0006 2016-04-03_0008 2016-04-03_0009 2016-04-03_0007 2016-04-03_0010 2016-04-03_0011 2016-04-03_0012


  1. Dani says:

    So gorgeous and classic!! Love them all!!

  2. Sharon Dobson says:

    Spring and love eternal is in the air. Life does’t get much better than that! May your happiness and love abound!

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