Yessica & Matt – Mary’s Land Farm Ellicott City Wedding Photography

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Yessica & Matt – Mary’s Land Farm Ellicott City Wedding Photography

Matt and Yessica are a “met at a bar” success story! They share so many common interests, and in their words, they “feel a sense of relief to be able to laugh at things others would never understand.” I love that description and found it really true of them on their wedding day. There were a few logistical set-backs, which included the ceremony starting over an hour later than planned, but they kept smiling through it all and were so clearly happy to be married it never even mattered in the end! I think I also got some of my most favorite first dance photos ever, and a special thanks to an awesome guest who volunteered to vape the smoke for a neat photo idea I had (see below).

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this wedding! That dress looks amazing on her and the venue is so pretty. I especially love the portraits you did of the two of them- that vape smoke shot is on point!

  2. Brea says:

    Okay that smoke silhouette is on fire!! This whole wedding is so sweet and so beautiful! I adore this.

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