Monica & Rich – DC Library of Congress and Capitol Engagement

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Monica & Rich – DC Library of Congress and Capitol Engagement

Monica and Rich’s engagement shoot was the perfect blend of casual and formal, classic and silly. Even though it was approximately one million degrees at 7 am and we had to wait in the bathroom line with all the tourists, I really did have a blast walking around the city with these two. They are smart, funny, and obviously ridiculously attractive. We started at the Supreme Court building and had the entire place to ourselves, headed next door to the Library of Congress, and finished up near the Capitol. It’s amazing to live in a place where I can just walk right up to all these incredibly important and historic buildings, touch the columns and sit on the stairs. I’m continually in awe of DC – its architecture, people, and charm. (And its ability to make me sweat in under 3 minutes of standing outside in the summer.)


  1. teri says:

    These are gorgeous!! I didn’t even know the Library of Congress was so pretty!! I love their two different looks too! And somehow they don’t look hot at all!? nice work 😉

  2. Brea says:

    I LOVE her skirt in the first half omggg I want to steal it. I love all of the architecture and the beautiful locations you guys picked. I’m so impressed that you were able to show off the location AND capture so much emotion at the same time. Beautiful session!

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