Melissa & Greg – Mt Washington Mill Dye House Wedding

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Melissa & Greg – Mt Washington Mill Dye House Wedding

As summer fades into fall and we approach the end of the year, the photographer in me gets increasingly concerned about the lack of daylight at weddings. I suppose normal people worry about Halloween costumes and Black Friday deals, but such is the life… Don’t even get me started on the wedding nightmares I’m having this season.

Anyway, after much discussion, Melissa and Greg assured me that having nothing but night portraits was fine by them. Total relief! Somehow in my brain it freed me up to embrace the darkness and shoot some really cool, creative photos. (Of course, the other part of the equation is having a great couple, and fortunately Melissa and Greg fit the bill!) But I never would have taken any of these beautiful, unique portraits had I relied on the sun. Special shout-out to my second photographer, Jennifer, who is always willing to think outside the box with me.

As always, Mt Washington Mill Dye House provided the perfect rustic/industrial backdrop for a gorgeous courtyard ceremony and epic party.



  1. Brea says:

    Wow! You seriously killed it with those night portraits. Amazing, Emily!!! This whole wedding is perfect.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ah! This wedding was SO much fun! You totally rocked the all-night couples’ portraits- but that’s no surprise!

  3. Renee Hollingshead says:

    This wedding is incredible, but that black and white of the groomsmen is literally my fav of all time! So classic, so GQ! You killed this one!

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