Kristin & Juan – Mount Jackson Virginia Engagement Photography

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Kristin & Juan – Mount Jackson Virginia Engagement Photography

It’s been probably at least eight years since I’ve seen her, but Kristin gave me a big hug when I met her and Juan for their engagement photos and it was like no time had passed at all. She’s the sister of a very dear friend of mine (hi Ted!) and I’ve always been in awe of her ability to turn strangers into friends and make anyone and everyone feel special.  And it’s not like she asks questions and makes conversation just to fill the silence, she actually cares! It was my first time meeting Juan but he seems like such a great match for Kristin with his easy-going demeanor and kind heart. We explored Meems Bottom Covered Bridge in Mount Jackson, Virginia, and ended up sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sunset at Wolf Gap Winery, where the owner was so accommodating and lovely. It was an afternoon of smiles and good people, and I left even more excited about taking part in Juan and Kristin’s wedding day!

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This photo kinda says it all – random group of strangers Kristin befriended at our shoot. By the end, they were giving marriage advice!2017-10-04_0005 2017-10-04_0006 2017-10-04_0008 2017-10-04_0009 2017-10-04_0007 2017-10-04_0010 2017-10-04_0011 2017-10-04_0012 2017-10-04_0014 2017-10-04_0013 2017-10-04_0016 2017-10-04_0015 2017-10-04_0017 2017-10-04_0018 2017-10-04_0019


  1. Teri Pozniak says:

    oooh, love those sunset wine drinking pics! Great job capturing all those genuine smiles & laughs!

  2. Kathy L. says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful couple. So much love shows every time they are together.

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