Erin & Austin – Susquehanna State Park Engagement Photography

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Erin & Austin – Susquehanna State Park Engagement Photography

Brrrrr…. I am shivering just looking at these photos again! Haha. It was such a chilly windy day, but Erin and Austin managed to warm it up with their smiles and good attitudes. Poor Austin had had a terrible week, and was even on crutches for the whole shoot, but we all persevered and (I think!) had a lot of fun in the process.

2017-11-21_0016 2017-11-21_0003 2017-11-21_0007 2017-11-21_0005 2017-11-21_0001 2017-11-21_0008 2017-11-21_0004 2017-11-21_0006 2017-11-21_0014 2017-11-21_0002 2017-11-21_0009 2017-11-21_0013 2017-11-21_0010 2017-11-21_0015 2017-11-21_0012



  1. Anna Arpasi says:

    They don’t look too that cold and omg that light was totally worth it not to mention they are adorbs!!! Love the sunset ones!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the last one- so pretty! Well, they are all pretty, but you know what I mean. WOW on that last one! And I love that you included one with the crutches- because memories.

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