Tori & Sean – Private Residence Maryland Wedding Photography

There were so many things I loved about this wedding, but the moment that keeps coming back to me is during the wedding vows when the officiant was repeating all the things Tori and Sean love about each other. Tori loves what a good and attentive father Sean is to his two girls, and Sean loves how Tori has welcomed his daughters into her life and her heart. All of this was touching and sweet, then the funny moment came when Tori said she loves that Sean is also a redhead, and thus will never make her go to the beach, and will always be there to apply her sunscreen. It made me laugh. But seriously, have you seen a more beautiful redheaded couple? These two rocked the portrait time (and gave me lots of it, awesome!) and we explored all the nooks and crannies of Tori’s father’s property in Kingsville, which turned out to be the perfect place for this gorgeous outdoor fall-but-felt-like-summer wedding.


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Thea & Doug – Potomac Boat Club Georgetown DC Wedding Photography

Thea is the kind of person I want to be when I grow up – adored by all, heart of gold, and really really good at her job. She is the talented artistic director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, and in fact two of its smaller ensembles sang at her wedding celebration! She and Doug were officially married in California, but wanted to also have a party with all their friends here. And what a great day! I saw lots of previous wedding clients-turned-friends from the chorus, took some cool photos, and got to watch Thea and Doug be so happy together. The Potomac Boat Club has pretty cool views of the Potomac River and the Key Bridge, and best of all, a private dock without any people!


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KanKan & Ryan – Whitehall Manor Bluemont Virginia Wedding Photography

First of all, let me start by saying I now think every wedding should come with lion dancers. Haha. If you haven’t experienced this at a wedding, you are missing out! :) It was not only a unique surprise for all the guests, but also pretty exciting to shoot. Anyway, you’ll see what that looks like a little further down in this post, but basically it is lots of bright colors, lion costumes, and loud drum beats. What’s not to love? But back to KanKan and Ryan… it’s easy to see how tender and sweet they are with each other, and also how the sense of humor they share keeps things playful and fun. For instance, they ran through their sparkler exit three times, not that I was complaining!


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Sarah & Dave – Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant Wedding Photography

Sarah and Dave had the sweetest ceremony in front of all their family and friends at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant in Alexandria. Dave’s big family and Sarah’s small one combined to celebrate with quite the entourage of nieces and nephews and lots of love and laughter. I witnessed so many great moments and heartfelt emotion between these two. One of my favorite parts was the red cardinal that made an appearance (and quite a noise!) during their ceremony.


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Elizabeth & Curt – Running Hare Vineyard Wedding Photographer

The first thing most people notice when they look at Elizabeth and Curt is their serious height difference. And being so good-natured, they took a lot of gentle teasing about it during the toasts and throughout their wedding day. But when I looked at them, beaming and happy, it wasn’t the only thing I saw. I saw the way Curt grins when he looks at Elizabeth, and I saw how she is at ease and totally herself in his presence. I saw joy in their companionship and a clear, strong bond. And that speaks volumes, not inches.


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Marisa & Adam – Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

From start to finish, this day was pure fun. I loved that Marisa and Adam wanted to embrace the quirky coolness of the Baltimore Museum of Industry and do most of their photos inside, because it challenged me to shoot some truly unique images. (Plus it was super windy outside and nobody wants a crazy windblown look.) The bridal party kept me laughing with their antics, and let’s not forget the reception – you know it’s a good wedding when there’s an epic pants rip!


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Wendy & Richard – Linganore Winery Wedding Photography

Wendy and Richard’s vision for a sunny and warm wedding day at Linganore Winecellars was a little crushed when the weather turned up cold and rainy all day long. But they didn’t let it get them down, and instead embraced whatever ideas I had for making pretty pictures, including using every patio and covered area on site. Haha. But seriously, we all had such a great time and I loved seeing their smiles and optimism! As always, Bobby Dawson of ID Pro DJ kept the dance floor full and the party hopping (not that this crowd needed any encouragement!)


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Becky & Ryan – Belvedere Baltimore Wedding Photography

Becky and Ryan brought great energy to their wedding day, and I loved the relaxed time we had doing their portraits! Everyone was awesomely calm and easy-going and I kept thinking, “what a great group of people” pretty much every few minutes. But of course I expected nothing less – I photographed Becky’s cousin’s wedding a couple years ago, and her brother’s wedding not too long before that! I am always so honored to be invited back by a family, especially one as lovely as Becky’s.


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Ashley & Jeff – Myrtle Beach South Carolina Wedding Photography

Ashley and Jeff’s wedding at the Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach was the perfect start to my wedding season. Always fun to kick it off with a destination weekend! :) Though breezy and chilly conditions made us bundle up all weekend, we were rewarded with a lovely sky and sunset on the wedding day! Ashley and Jeff personalized everything with little touches for their guests, including some fun Harry Potter details.


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Sarah & Jon – Mt Washington Mill Dye House Baltimore Wedding Photography

I’ve been looking forward to Sarah and Jon’s wedding for a while! Not only because their venue (Mt. Washington Mill Dye House) is awesome and it was my first time there, but also because of Sarah’s story and the deep love I know she and Jon share. We had fun playing around with red and green smoke bombs across the street, hollering at their adorable pug, and of course setting up some epic night shots.


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