Tori & Sean – Private Residence Maryland Wedding Photography

There were so many things I loved about this wedding, but the moment that keeps coming back to me is during the wedding vows when the officiant was repeating all the things Tori and Sean love about each other. Tori loves what a good and attentive father Sean is to his two girls, and Sean loves how Tori has welcomed his daughters into her life and her heart. All of this was touching and sweet, then the funny moment came when Tori said she loves that Sean is also a redhead, and thus will never make her go to the beach, and will always be there to apply her sunscreen. It made me laugh. But seriously, have you seen a more beautiful redheaded couple? These two rocked the portrait time (and gave me lots of it, awesome!) and we explored all the nooks and crannies of Tori’s father’s property in Kingsville, which turned out to be the perfect place for this gorgeous outdoor fall-but-felt-like-summer wedding.


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Shari & Adam – Sugarloaf Mountain Engagement Photography

If I had one word to describe this session, it would be “buggy.” Ha! But beautiful. Definitely beautiful. We watched probably the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen all year and checked out some pretty incredible views. (All the while swatting away hoards of gnats, dodging stink bugs, and clearing the area of crickets.) But insects aside, Adam and Shari were adorable with each other and somehow able to channel their love and affection despite the obstacles! And what an important skill to have for their future together.


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Mary Jo & Bill – Mount Vernon Virginia Engagement Photography

Bill got stuck in traffic on the way to the shoot, so Mary Jo and I had some extra time to get to know each other better over a drink at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. We chatted about life, travel, and relationships and I felt like we were old friends by the time Bill showed up! I absolutely love these two together, and the easy way they have of enjoying each other’s company. So much laughter and snuggles make for the best photos!2017-10-06_0007

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Kristin & Juan – Mount Jackson Virginia Engagement Photography

It’s been probably at least eight years since I’ve seen her, but Kristin gave me a big hug when I met her and Juan for their engagement photos and it was like no time had passed at all. She’s the sister of a very dear friend of mine (hi Ted!) and I’ve always been in awe of her ability to turn strangers into friends and make anyone and everyone feel special.  And it’s not like she asks questions and makes conversation just to fill the silence, she actually cares! It was my first time meeting Juan but he seems like such a great match for Kristin with his easy-going demeanor and kind heart. We explored Meems Bottom Covered Bridge in Mount Jackson, Virginia, and ended up sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sunset at Wolf Gap Winery, where the owner was so accommodating and lovely. It was an afternoon of smiles and good people, and I left even more excited about taking part in Juan and Kristin’s wedding day!


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Thea & Doug – Potomac Boat Club Georgetown DC Wedding Photography

Thea is the kind of person I want to be when I grow up – adored by all, heart of gold, and really really good at her job. She is the talented artistic director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, and in fact two of its smaller ensembles sang at her wedding celebration! She and Doug were officially married in California, but wanted to also have a party with all their friends here. And what a great day! I saw lots of previous wedding clients-turned-friends from the chorus, took some cool photos, and got to watch Thea and Doug be so happy together. The Potomac Boat Club has pretty cool views of the Potomac River and the Key Bridge, and best of all, a private dock without any people!


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KanKan & Ryan – Whitehall Manor Bluemont Virginia Wedding Photography

First of all, let me start by saying I now think every wedding should come with lion dancers. Haha. If you haven’t experienced this at a wedding, you are missing out! :) It was not only a unique surprise for all the guests, but also pretty exciting to shoot. Anyway, you’ll see what that looks like a little further down in this post, but basically it is lots of bright colors, lion costumes, and loud drum beats. What’s not to love? But back to KanKan and Ryan… it’s easy to see how tender and sweet they are with each other, and also how the sense of humor they share keeps things playful and fun. For instance, they ran through their sparkler exit three times, not that I was complaining!


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Lisa & Mark – San Francisco Maternity Photographer

Lisa has been my best friend for practically forever (seriously, freshman year of college) and I’m so lucky to get to document her milestones through the years. I’ve never been a mother, but it’s really cool to experience it through your closest friends. I flew to San Francisco recently for Lisa’s baby shower and to hang out pre-baby. We did these maternity photos over two days, hoping for a sunny day each time, but the weather had different plans. In the end, I think the cloudy skies perfectly matched our locations! We drove around Hawk Hill for some views of the Golden Gate bridge, and paid a visit to the Sutro Baths. Lisa’s beautiful smile and Mark’s positive disposition made these two a joy to shoot. It’s easy to see how excited they are about Baby G, and I can’t wait to meet her (or him!) very soon.


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Levey Family – Washington DC Family Photography

You might recognize these beautiful faces from being on my blog before! They are not strangers to my camera and I love it. This family is one of my all-time favorite families, and getting to chronicle their life through the years is an honor and a treat. This time around I saw their new home and met their new babe, Caleb. Caleb has big shoes to fill from his older brother Judah being so photogenic, but he is well on his way! So adorable. :)


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Gaby & Matt – Georgetown Engagement Photography

Gaby & Matt sweat it out with me on a lovely but hot afternoon last week in Georgetown. None of us realized until showing up that the canals didn’t have any water in them (oops) so we just wandered around town and found all the best pockets of light instead. These two are cute and natural together, thus the smiles happened easily. AND! the added bonus of this session was learning all about clam digging (Matt’s new hobby) which I think is pretty awesome.


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Kaitlin & Jon – Terrapin Beach Park Engagement Photography

What a great sunset! I felt like I was at the perfect place to watch it at Terrapin Beach Park, and with some awesome people who kept me laughing throughout our shoot. Kaitlin is one of these people you can’t help but like, and immediately feel like you’ve known for longer than you actually have. Jon is notoriously not a fan of having his photo taken, but he could not have been nicer about it, and patiently indulged me and all my oddball ideas. Kaitlin told a funny story about how she knew something was up when Jon was about to propose simply because he was the one to suggest they take a photo together! But seriously, I had so much fun with these two (and their adorable dog Maddie and dog wrangler/friend Alison) and come on, how could I not in a setting this gorgeous?!


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